Last Update: 2023 November 3
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ZPS's Website

Welcome! This is the personal website of ZPS, a Western shmup player that has been active since early 2017. I made this website to replace all the other random shmup related stuff I've posted all over the Internet. Here you can find lists of all my shmup achievements, as well as some other stuff that may be more useful to others such as the Touhou Difficulty Chart.

Social Media: YouTube | Twitch | Twitter

Update History

  • Added the personal arcade shmup difficuty chart to the list on "Other Pages"
  • Updated "Other Links" to remove dead links (RIP Royalflare...)
  • Removed "Goals" (this page felt unnecessary and i never updated it)
  • Added favicon

  • 2021/02/16:
  • Added the UFO score summon calculator

  • 2021/02/03:
  • Added a page for the results of the PoDD Shot Type Experiment from October 2017.
  • Added a list of the longest standing Touhou WRs

  • 2021/01/14:
  • Added CAVE Loop 2 and TLB Requirements and updated Other Pages accordingly.

  • 2021/01/12:
  • Added 2 new pages (Toaplan 10m Lengths and Touhou Lunatic 1cc Chart), Updated "Other Pages"
  • Reorganized the Other Links page and added more links
  • Changed the colors of links

  • 2021/01/07:
  • Website made public